Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date

June 17, 2011


Jeny Quine


Bob Koherr

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the phANTom locker

Oh, there you are Fletcher!


Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher decides to get involved in extracurricular activities. Chyna and Olive try out to join the cheer squad, but only Chyna makes it in. Meanwhile, Fletcher joins Cameron's "End Hunger Today" club and soon learns he is using it to get free food.

Episode SummaryEdit

When the A.N.T.s are introduced to extracurricular activities, Chyna convinces Olive to make an effort to be more involved with their school's extracurricular activities, so they both tryout for the cheerleading squad. Only Chyna gets accepted, but she gets more than she bargained for when Lexi puts her cheerleading skills to the test. She purposely weakens Chyna enough to make her lose her voice and look terrible, right before the school musical auditions. Chyna apologizes to Olive, using an A.N.T. Pad. She tells her that she will not tryout for the school play, but Olive convinces her to go for it. Lexi's singing audition went perfectly, but Chyna's singing audition was hoarse. Chyna confronts Lexi, Mr. Zimbaldi, and the pianist, about looking at her as if she is a freak. Mr. Zimbaldi ends up believes she is actually citing lines from a movie, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", and gives her the part, causing Lexi's plan to backfire. Meanwhile, Cameron creates his own club called the "End Hunger Today Club" as an excuse to eat buffalo wings all for himself, but when Fletcher catches him in the act and threatens to tell the teachers about his fake club, Cameron is forced to let Fletcher join.

Folive MomentsEdit

  • Olive and Fletcher both show that they're afraid of the big kids.
  • Olive was looking for Fletcher because she said "Oh there you are Fletcher".
  • Olive wants to be in the End Hunger Today Club, (possibly because Fletcher is in it.)